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by posted 06/01/2020

Hello Everyone,

We hope everyone is doing okay, staying safe and healthy, during this difficult time.  Our hearts are with any and all MMC families, cheer, flag and tackle, that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.  

We would like to give you an update on the 2020 season as it stands today and the possibility to have our summer workouts for the kids.  This includes cheering and flag as well.  

MMC Youth Football along with the OCYFL are planning and strategizing for the 2020 season.  We are looking at the rules and regulations and how it will fit in to being on the field for games and practices.  This is something that will be discussed amongst the town representatives at the June OCYFL meeting.  Our number one concern is the kids health and safety.

Some of the strategies we are going to be implementing will be all kids will have a face shield for their helmet that will be provided by the MMC.  Each player upon entering the field will have to have his helmet on with the face shield.  We will be breaking into smaller stations to keep the groups small during practice.  This is similar to how we already run our practices and it might give us a chance to give the kids more individual coaching.  

We are looking at ways to have each player, flag, cheer or football, have their own equipment and watering station, possibly with the assistance of few team Moms to help keep the kids organized.  It will be important for kids to have their own water as no water sharing will be allowed, this is similar to what we already do except now it's going to be crucial to execute this.  This is all new to all of us, parents, players and coaches and other family members.

As we get more information and guidelines to follow, the MMC and the OCYFL will be working diligently to implement such guidelines and practices as to have a comprehensive plan so we can let the kids play.  

The flag level, we will be making the teams smaller, and probably be playing 7 on 7 with more of an emphasis on running, catching and throwing.  We will be looking for coaches and parents to help assist at the flag level.  

We are working with Janet Black on the cheering guidelines and how it will effect our cheer program.  We have some great new coaches this year and new leadership for the cheer program.  We are currently interviewing for coaches and assistant coaches.  The cheering program already keeps their equipment isolated to themselves with their gym bags etc.  We will be looking to expand on this and will have to coach the girls in smaller groups if needed.  We will have more information from the league to pass on at a later date.

Tackle football - we are currently interviewing for coaches and assistant coaches for the Mite team so please pass the word and we can be contacted on the website.

We are looking for people to sign up on the website for tackle, cheer and flag.  No payment is required at this time, we will ask for payment on or before equipment pickup this year.  Again, if you think there will be a chance that your child will play or cheer for the MMC, please take a moment to register your child today.

We would like to try and get these numbers in as soon as possible so the OCYFL can plan accordingly.  A lot of other towns already have full squads and are ready to go.  As you know, this is a very competitive league.  Our goal is to still provide the youth of this town the opportunity to be part of the MMC football family.  Our fundamental core is to teach the basics of football and cheer to the kids along with sportsmanship, advanced techniques, being a good player on and off the field and most of all making friends and memories.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at mmcfootball@verizon.net

Thank you,


Bob Mosley

MMC Youth Football