My my My my

Cheers For MMC Cougar Cheerleaders


Cougars, The best (nod)

C – O – U – G – A – R – S

Cougars, the best        x3

(Left K, broken t, low v, clasp right->  to the knee, clasp left -> to the knee, high V, swing through to a Russian/Toe touch)


W – I – N (nod)

We came, to win (slap, clap)

W- I – N            x 3

(T- while stepping back, clean, low right punch, slap, clasp, W, high V, clean, nod ….. last verse- jump out on the last N in clean position)  


Lets Get Fired Up

(everyone joins in)

(clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)

Lets get fired up ……… x3

(on the last verse)


(Arms only/ hands FLAT, low

touchdown, high touchdown, Criss cross, high touchdown, clap x5)


M – M – C

Who is the best, WE ARE

M- M – C       x3

(high touchdown, low Touchdown, high TD, High V, left K, pump x2, right arm high V, left hand on hip, clean)


Let’s make some noise

Cougar Fans, In the stands,

Let’s make some noise!

(Jump out right, flat fingers, clasp, jump out left, fingers flat, clasp, step out right – high V, Broken right V, clasp x2)


Knock em on their boom boom

Go Get em, Upset em

Knock em on their boom, boom

(clasp x2, right arm out, criss cross left arm out, hip check x2)


We are the cheerleaders,

We got the power,

We got the spirit

SO LETS HEAR IT! (clasp x2)

S – P (clasp x2) I – R (clasp x2) I – T (clasp x2)

We got the spirit (clasp x2)

SO LETS HEAR IT! (9clasp x2)

S – P ( c X2) I – R (c X2) I – T Cx2

We got the spirit (clasp x2)

SO LETS HEAR IT! (9clasp x2)

S- P – I – R – I – T,  SPIRIT!



Were Dynamite, Were out of site

We’re Tick, (tick x88)

We’re BOOM dynamite

(clasp x2,  hands on hips, “around town”  tick x 8, step out Right – Criss cross, low V , clasp x2 , step out right- criss cross, low V, clasp x2)


Get Those Points Cougars get those points!

Block Those Points Cougars Block those points!


Defense Get Tough (nod)

Defense get tough, get tough,

Defense Get tough, x3

(Step out right, extend arms – fingers flat, clasp, step right, punch right x2, step right- touchdown)


Hold that line

H…..    H – O – L …….. H – O – L – D

Hold that Line

(candle sticks the right, right arm- broken t, T, broken T, Swing right arm into candlesticks, Right arm – broken T, T, Broken T, T, Right punch)


We’ve  got spirit, Yes We DO! We’ve got spirit, How about you!?


D – D – D Defense

D – D – D  Defense x 3

(Captains Start 1st, High V, T, Low V, Clasp x 5.

Every one joins in– Low V, T, High V, clasp x5.)


It’s Touchdown Time (clasp x 4)

Offense, Defense, running down the line,

Pass it, catch it, its touchdown time, clasp x4.

(Arms hit right thigh, clap left, right arm straight up, hit right, high V, criss cross, kick right)


Attack Clap Clap Clap

A – T – T – A – C – K

Attack – clap clap clap

(Clasp Touchdown, Low V, Clasp, Left K, High right V – left arm hip, clasp x3)

A – T – T

A – C – K Attack , Black go all the way

(Captains – Clasp touchdown, drop clasp to chest, low V, Everyone else joins and repeats motions, right check, Left T – Right broken T, low right V down, up, low V)


Too much to Handle

Rivals, Be Careful, We’re too much to handle x3

(T, clean, Circle above head, right hand & look 2, grab right wrist with left hand, crouch on left knee, clean)


Cougars Push them WAY back

Push Them, Push them back,

Cougars push them WAY back x3

(Flat hands, swing back x3, hands up by ears, step back with right leg, come back to center position)


Come on Defense work

Knock them down,

Roll them around,

Come on defense work (WORK)

(jump out, arms straight to the right, clasp, step left- roll hands in fists, right hand flat on heart, left hand across abdomen, right foot in liberty, clean, clasp, right high V, left hand on hip)


The house Falls Down

Who rocks the house? The cougars rock the house, and when the cougars rock the house, The house Falls Down!

(Clasp, flat low V x 7, “House”, shoulder “shrug”, both hands on knees – looking down, clean)


Hold that line

Hold them, hold them Cougars,

Hold that line

(jump right, arms straight down, clasp, jump left, arms straight out, clasp, extend right candlestick, left “square”, punch right arm through, T, clean)


Lets Do it again!

1st AND, 1st and 10! 1st and 10 lefts do it again!

(right punch -1, high V, broken high v, V, extend fingers – 10, clasp and bend knees, clasp chest, low V, broken low V, low V – right foot step out)


M – M – C

Hey, Hey, What do you say? M – M – C

(right low V, left on hip, broken right low V, extend right low V, swing V, step out right foot, Left punch, clasp, right punch)


We Want a Touchdown

T – D … we Want a Touchdown

(low right punch, clasp, low left punch, clasp, high touchdown, Right foot out, middle touchdown, stand feet together, low touchdown, left foot out, clean)


1 We are the Cougars

2 A little bit Louder

3 I still can’t hear you

4 More more more


Whip em good yeah

W – H – I – P , for our victory

We gotta whip em, WHOOOO

Whip em good, Yeah,

Whip em, WHOO whip em good yeah x3

(right leg and arm punch x2, clasp x2, jig to the right, jig the left, left arm extended, right arm “swirl”, clap x3)


Take it Away

Take it away, Big Maroon, Take it AWAY ! x3

(grab right, grab left, criss cross, swing to clasp at knee, right punch)


Let’s get “Rowdie”

R – O – W – D – I – E that’s the way we spell rowdy, rowdy, lets get rowdy, WHOOOOOO !!!!


Beat those Rival

B – E – A – T (clasp)

Beat the rivals

(left T, right broken t

Right t, left candlestick, x2

Clasp, Step out right, high V, broken right V, high V, clean)


Beat those Rivals

Go cougars Go, yeah, beat those rials x3

(Lean right, swing arms back, clasp x2, low V, hands on hips, extended Criss cross, broken T, T, Right punch x2)


Yell it GO, GO!

To the G, To the O, Yell it go, GO!

(left on hip, step out right broken right T, extend right to low V, switch – left broken T, left low v, high V, criss cross to chest, high V)


Sack that Quarter back

Sack that back, Sack that Quarterback


Take that ball away

T – A – K – E Take that ball away

(T, clasp high touchdown, left K, broken T, clasp x3)


1 and 10 let’s do it again

(hands – 1 – 10 ,step out right,  low V, broken V, low V)


Fight Hard to Win

F ……. I – G – H – T

Fight, hard to win

(step back right, right arm up, swing right arm through to candlesticks, swing arms against thighs, clasp, left arm on chest, right cross punch, right punch, left punch)


Fight Cougars Fight

F – I – G – H – T Fight Cougars Fight


Here We Go Cougars, HERE WE GO! Clasp x2


Score Cougars Score

S – C – O – R – E Score Cougars Score x3

(spin around, crouch on knees, ripple to right punch)


We are the cougars and we’re tough tough tough

Our Defense is Awesome, Our Offense, Hot stuff,

We are the Cougars and We’re Tough, Tough, Tough

(Clasp x3, flip right hand, clasp x3, ripple on Tough, tough tough – touchdown).


Everywhere we go ……….

People wanna know ………

Who we are ………………

So we Tell them …………..

We are the cougars ……….

The mighty mighty Cougars


Hey Were number 1

We are O – N – E

Hey we’re number 1 x3

(low left L, high right L, jump down, right arm in candlestick, left arm in broken T, extend left arm to T, right arm down by side, clasp x2, jump out – point #1, clean)


Time out ……

It’s time to shout …….

We’ve got that spirit we cant control …….

So let it loose and rock and roll ………

(“T” with hands, extend to right low V – flat hands, clasp x4, “shout” the Left, clasp x6, lean back roll hands, “strike a guitar x2)


HEY Go Cougars

Go, Go Cougars,


(Jump right, flat fingers, clasp, Jump left, clasp, bring arms all the way up to high V, broken right, extend right V, clean) 


Pump, Pump, Pump it up ……..

Pump that Cougar Spirit up…….

Keep Keep Keep it up! ………

I said Keep that Cougar Spirit up!!


This side

This side, Stand up and yell for maroon and white, Maroon and white, Maroon and White (Clasp x3) x3

(high touchdown, clasp, right punch, clasp, cross right, extend right punch, right punch, clasp, right punch, clasp, left punch, extend both arms to High V)


Y – E – L – L

Y – E – L – L , Y – E – L – L everybody YELL Go Cougars, (WHOOOO) HEY GO COUGARS (WHOOO) x 3

(Low V, Clasp – x4 , clap thighs, snap, clasp, “WHOOOO” – around the world x2)



If you want to win tonight, You gotta  F – I – G – H – T FIGHT!